Michael A. Zilis

Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky

POLITICAL SCIENCE | American Politics |  Public Law & Judicial Politics | Political Behavior


​​​​​​I am Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Kentucky.  My research explores public and political resistance to judicial authority in the United States.  This methodologically pluralist work makes linkages across subfield boundaries, speaking to scholars that study legitimacy, race and politics, inter-institutional conflict, and media and politics.   I hold a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Michigan, with expertise in American politics, public law and judicial politics, and political behavior and communication.  My research has been published in ​Political Research QuarterlyLegislative Studies Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly​, the Journal of Law and Courts​, and multiple law reviews, and my ongoing work is supported by the National Science Foundation.  My book, The Limits of Legitimacy  (University of Michigan Press) was named a 2015 Exemplary Law Book.